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Kawawa (JKT) Secondary School



Kawawa (JKT) high school is a co-education school which was established in 1994 by Tanzania National Service popularly known as (JKT) and it is owned by JKT under the umbrella of SUMA JKT.

It is allocated at Mafinga town, Mufindi District in Iringa Region. The school is within the 841KJ Mafinga JKT boundaries, 6 Km from Mafinga town.

At the beginning, the school was for Ordinary level only (form I to form IV). Latter in 2008 started to provide Advanced Secondary Education. It started with three combinations which are HGL (History, Geography and English Language), HGK (History, Geography and Kiswahili) and HKL (History, Kiswahili and English Language).

Since its establishment, Kawawa (JKT) High school succeeded to increase the students enrolment year by year due to its performance and services provided. It is further more noted/known for its high academic standards, cooperative learning environment, innovative and integrated moral education into the curriculum, computer studies, excellent discipline of the students and the staffs.

Throughout the years of providing education to the young minds of Tanzanians, Kawawa (JKT) High School has a mission to be a quality education provider with high academic standards which enable the school to be an inclusive school which offers quality, broad, balanced and competence based education from Ordinary to Advanced level.

Then school aims to provide the best possible environment for teaching, learning and public services. We promise to continue to ensure that your children's time here will be filled with excitement and experiences that he/she can treasure for a life time.


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Our Location

Mafinga (JKT) High School
P.O.BOX 213 Mafinga
Mafinga Town,Mufindi District
P: +(255) 762785899/758767533