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Kawawa (JKT) Secondary School



Our vision as the school is to make our students obidient and good citizens


To provide excellent education

Academic values compared to the mission and vision of our school

Towards achieving its Vision and fulfilling its Mission, Kawawa secondary school subscribes to the following Values:-

Academic excellence: By ensuring that the pursuit of academic excellence in teaching, learning and providing services to the public is well recognised and forms an important part of the academic and organisational life of our school.

Academic integrity: By ensuring that all the academic outputs are produced in line with national standards of academic integrity.

Academic freedom: By upholding the spirit of free and critical thought and enquiry, through the tolerance of a diversity of beliefs and understanding, as well as fostering open exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst the staff and/or students.

Unrelenting pursuit of scholarly and strategic education, training and public service directed at the attainment of equitable and sustainable socio-economic development of Tanzania and the rest of Africa.


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